Buy Hot Toys Early This Holiday Season

With the country still in recession this promises to be an interesting shopping season for people who are planning to buy this year’s hot toys for their children. The best idea would be to buy gifts early to make sure you get the gifts your children are wanting this holiday season. The potential problem with finding the hot toys may come from the toy manufacturers this year.

The recession has made everyone who works in retail nervous for the upcoming season. Even with following past history of trends in shopping during different economical models, there is no way to predict how consumers will spend their money this holiday season. The big decision that toy manufacturers had to make was whether to gamble and make toys hoping that they would sell or play it safe and possibly not have enough toys available to meet the demand.

History has shown us that if there is a shortage of a certain type of toy, the real winners are the people who had the foresight to buy the toys and turn around to sell them online for a huge profit. When it comes to children and Christmas, parents will pay more than they retail price to get the perfect toy for their child.

Toy manufacturers can only guess where people will spend their Christmas club checks and bonuses. If they guess wrong they will lose out on potential profits and parents won’t be able to find the toys that they need for the children in their lives.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends should consider doing their holiday gift shopping early if there are specific toys they know they are going to need to buy. The options are fairly limited:
• Buy the toy early and possibly at full price to guarantee that you have it
• Wait until closer to the holidays and risk the toy not being available
• Buy the toy from an auction site for more than retail because the toy is sold out everywhere

It is possible that there may be plenty of the toys available when they start to go on sale and finding them won’t be an issue. It will be up to the individual if they want to risk waiting for the best price.

Adults are far more likely to understand the true meaning of the holidays and the concept of supply and demand. Children are more interested in having fun toys to play with during and after the holidays. This will not be a normal holiday season for retail but it is too soon to tell if there will be enough supply to meet the demand.