How To Budget For Toy Spending For Your Children

There really is nothing quite like watching a gleeful child rip open their presents on Christmas day. Unfortunately there is nothing quite like that sinking feeling that you get when you realise that Christmas is over and you have a mountain of credit card receipts to deal with. The only way to beat the post-Christmas shopping blues is to set a budget for your toy shopping and make sure that you stick to it.

Making Lists

There are two very important lists that need to be made before Christmas. The list that the children put together when they write to Santa and the list that you, as the toy buyer makes which incorporates a few of these items (assuming you don’t get presented with a list full of wishes for ponies and aeroplanes!). Once you have a list of who you are buying for, what you want to spend on each person and have set a maximum spend for stocking fillers it is time to set to work.

Spread the Cost

Starting early is the absolute best way to ensure that your Christmas toy shopping doesn’t end up going over budget. By keeping a copy of the toy lists with you when you go out it is possible to pick up bargains throughout the year, or perhaps you need to set a reminder to pick up a few bits online every month when pay day comes around.

Be Firm with Yourself

One of the reasons that buying Christmas presents for children works out to be so expensive is the fact that it is so much fun. How many people have finished their Christmas shopping only to add more and more presents to the pile after seeing the “perfect” toy online? Try and remember why you set a budget and this will help.

Cut the Cost

Toys are always expensive, and never more so than at Christmas when limited edition toys and new gadgets hit the market and every advertisement on the kid’s TV channels shows them what they’ll be missing if they don’t get the latest “thing”. It is possible to cut the cost of the items you are planning on buying during this expensive time by utilising money off deals, discount vouchers and the like. Use a reputable discount voucher site to search for retailers or individual items in order to find the best price and the best discounts.

Bear shipping costs in mind when working out your Christmas budget however you may well find that alongside the money off codes and offers that you will be able to find free delivery codes. Nearer Christmas when time for slotting last orders in is getting tight it is often possible to get next day delivery or priority shipping at a reduced rate or even free too. Luckily free delivery offers are often usable alongside other discount offers so keep your eyes open and make sure you check terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

Christmas with children is indeed a magical thing so be savvy when budgeting for your toy shopping and you will be able to enjoy the fun too without worries about repayments and starting a new year off in debt.