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How to Save Money Every Month – Some Easy Tips

There are lots of nice things you can do with the money you save, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. What most Americans don’t know is that they can save a whole lot more with just a little more effort. In this article you will read some easy ways how to save money every month. The list isn’t exhausting, but if you want more easy tips on how to save money every month, you should take a look at the bottom of this article.

Tip #1: Make overpayments on your mortgage

A mortgage is the biggest debt most Americans will be going into. Not everyone is able to pay cash for a house. However, debt is also the reason why most people are financially dependent. It also affects your credit score. Making over payments on you mortgage will reduce the interest on this debt and will save you hundreds of dollars on short term. On the long run (after years) the amount you can save raises too more than thousand dollars. Furthermore, you should take the time to look out for refinancing and mortgage deals.

Tip #2: Don’t insure electronics

When I bought my iPhone these crafty sales men tried to make me get insurance. The truth is that if electric devices are defect in the first few months it will fall under the warranty. Electronics also keep getting better and better. Furthermore, would you really want to claim that €20 mini grill? By deciding not to get insurance for electronic devices, you can literally save around $30,- per electronic device (at least).

Tip #3: Decide if you really need something

This is the single most important tip on how to save money each month. We buy lots of stuff we don’t need or want. It can be hard to resist buying some items because of the way marketers present them. But wouldn’t it be far better to save that money and do something big with it later. Don’t you want to spend it on something you really want to do with your family and kids?

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