Popular Christmas Toys Versus Less Expensive Toys – Need Some Ideas to Keep Costs Down?

Well the season is upon us and it’s about time to see long lines forming around 4 a.m., lines full of weary parents trying to find the latest gadget for their kids, those popular Christmas toys that everyone and their brother is asking for this year.

Will you be one of these parents, dashing out before the sun is up to wait in a long line just to be allowed to hand over large amounts of money for a Nintendo Wii or the latest and greatest toy or game? Or would you rather explain to your kids that this year, with many families suffering due to the economy, you would like to tone it down a bit?

Let’s face it, the kids for the most part, unless they are a little older, are not going to understand. But there are some lower-cost alternatives if you set your mind to the task. There are lots of things your kids can receive at Christmas that will be a big hit and also not cost nearly as much as the popular Christmas toys that may or may not be worth the money anyway.

If your child loves crafts you can buy them a kit from the craft store. There are lots to choose from, whether they enjoy painting, beads, sculpting, or woodworking. Most kits can be purchased relatively inexpensively and will provide many many hours of enjoyment, possibly for many years to come. And something like working with clay is very cost effective because there really aren’t any extremely costly things to buy, and you can even have your pieces fired at a local shop if there is one near you. This is usually only around 10 or 15 dollars to have this done.

Model kits are also very entertaining and, for the hours of fun they give, are not very much money at all.

Another idea is the little Hot Wheels cars with the orange track. I remember playing with these when I was a kid and we had so much fun. No, it is not terribly high tech but we sure loved it. We’d spend the better part of a day constructing tracks and having a ball with those little cars.

If your kids are not going to be happy with anything other than the latest and hottest popular Christmas toys, don’t worry too much because you can probably find some deals if you keep a close eye out. Try an online auction site like eBay and see if you can find someone who is selling the toy a little cheaper.