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Money Saving Tips That Work

Money Saving Tips That Work

The economic downturn in recent years has forced many of us to focus more on spending. Research, however, shows Americans realize cutting back and saving money does not have to mean giving up luxury or settling for lesser quality items.

The products purchased in today’s markets have changed drastically over the years-especially since the 1950’s and 1960’s. One saving money tip that has been available to consumers since the 1970’s, is when non-name brand products, called “generic,” started lining shelves. However, the less-ornate packaging however and the unattractive term “generic” made these products seem inferior to many customers-and often the quality was less-than great.

These days most national and regional retailers have their version of generic, and each store features its own branding. Place the same products side by side, and the price difference is apparent. However many consumers still associate a generic product with a lesser quality product.

“It’s no longer just something you’re gonna buy just because it’s less expensive.”
At least 70% of Americans now admit they enjoy a discount and trend-tracking shows each year more and more people are looking for money saving tips – ways to save money without having to rely on “generic.”

Money saving tips that many consumers are taking advantage of is a saving money membership where the consumer gets paid a commission for just about every product purchased from the same retailers you have always purchased from. Whether you are purchasing Infant Care products, Medications, Home Equipment and Tools, Makeup and Personal Care, Technology and Media, Cleaning Products, Staples and Produce, Furniture, Jewelry, it doesn’t matter. With these money saving tips the retailer you purchase the product from will pay you a commission just for deciding to purchasing from them.

Here’s an example: do you shop at Walmart? With this membership every time you purchase a product from Walmart, Walmart will send you a commission check. If you go to Walmart 5 times during the month, you will get paid 5 commissions.

And not only Walmart, when you shop at Kmart, Sears, Target, or Home Depot for example, you will receive a commission check. Dollar General Store, Best Buy, Dick Blick,, Gardeners’ Supply, JC Penney, Macy’s, Old Navy, Staples, and Bass Pro Shop, each will send you a check just for buying from them through this saving money membership. In fact there are over 300 participating retailers that will send you a commission just for buying their products. And that’s whether you elect to purchase name brand or “generic.”

So an important money saving tips are to start getting paid just for purchasing the same products you have always purchased from the same retailers you have always purchased from.

These money saving tips, this money saving membership works the same for larger item purchases as well. Whether it’s furniture, automobiles, jewelry, or other larger item purchases, you will get paid just for purchasing, or, with some larger items, you will have the opportunity to purchase at factory direct prices.

One last money saving tips, while you always want to apply discipline in your purchasing, there will be times when you need to make a purchase. In those instances, whether your purchase is big or small, don’t pay retail. Instead let the retailer pay you just for doing business with them.

The author, Gary Price is an attorney specializing in intellectual property matters including patents, trademarks and copyrights and professional internet marketing coach who helps families build full time home businesses on the internet quickly and affordably.

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